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We here at FxProtocol helps advanced users and newbie Forex traders find out all the information they need regarding Forex Brokers in Malaysia, and international Forex Brokers. Here, users can conveniently browse through the following services about Forex brokers including compliance, regulation and license search, risk exposure, credibility evaluation, verification and supervision, complaint and safeguard, credit report download and related brokers search.

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How To Avoid Falling Victim To Forex Scams : A Complete Guide

Before we get into the meat of the matter, let me tell you just how immense the scale of Forex trading is. Every day, almost one trillion dollars are being traded all over the world. That’s how big Forex trading is, and how much money is in this. But this also brings with it a […]

How To Choose A Forex Broker in Malaysia : A Complete Guide

In a previous article, we’ve discussed about Forex brokers and what do they do. That’s also where we discussed that for most of the scams that are going around in Forex trading, the perpetrators are usually posing as a Forex broker. So in order to help you from falling into these scams, in this article […]

What Are Forex Brokers? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you look at it, Forex trading sounds like an absolute dream. Working on your own time at home? Answering to no one? Making money from your phone or your laptop? Sounds like a dream indeed. But in Malaysia, Forex trading is not as big as it might seem. Why is this? Simple. Due to […]

Australia-China Tensions Worrisome For Two Countries That Are Hugely Co-dependent On Each Other

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison started China’s anger late April by requesting a global examination concerning the wellspring of the coronavirus. The two nations have been exchanging logical blows from that point forward, aggravating pressures that have step by step tightened up in the course of recent years. On Thursday, grating government-sponsored Chinese newspaper the […]

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Mark Alexander

FxProtocol is a lifesaver. All the information you might need on a Forex broker is right here, so you can just browse through and find one that is suitable to your trading needs. Trusted Forex brokers are just one click away thanks to FxProtocol.
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Randy Robinson

FxProtocol is a lifesaver. Before this, I have my doubts on trading thanks to the rampant scams all around. But with FxProtocol, I don't have to worry about scams anymore. With a click of a button, all the trusted Forex brokers in Malaysia is presented to me. All I had to do was find the best Forex broker in Malaysia for me.
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Christopher Morgan